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Anonymous asked:

can you share a story of when you had to pee outside?


sure honey. i was downtown for an interview and had been drinking waaay too much coffee and water… i wanted to go before the interview but i was called back almost as soon as I walked in. my bladder was very full and hurting during the interview but i managed to be subtle and last until the end. i headed straight for the toilet afterwords but it was closed for cleaning!! by this time i was desperate and frantic so i decided to go use the bathroom at starbucks down the block. i rushed out of the building, feeling my too-full bladder sloshing with every step. my belly was swollen and pushing out from under my skirt and i felt like i was going to explode at any moment. the starbucks was farther than i thought but somehow i made it there even though i was hunched over and bursting at the seams. i waddled in and of course, someone was already in the bathroom. i went to sit to wait but as i bent over i felt a large squirt jet out and dribble down my legs. i knew i couldn’t last so i ran outside into the alleyway, hiked up my skirt, pushed down my panties and let it rip. :) 

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